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Jason and Dawn Chandler Owners of Chain Buster Racing

One of the best things we have done for our mountain bike race is to sign up with AMB Weather. Rider safety and trail stewardship are integral to what we do. Using Kent’s advice this year we have been able to reschedule a race with advance notice given to racers because significant amounts of rain were expected that would have damaged trails. Kent gave us 5 days notice for a predicted 4-6 inches of rain. It rained 5 inches. During another event he warned us of an impending thunderstorm. We were able to pull our riders safely off the course for 2 hours of extreme lightning, and restart the race when he gave us the “all clear.” And he did this from remotely from a different state! That’s a business saver!!

Kenny Griffin Georgia League Executive Director

AMB weather service for outdoor events is hands down a game changer! I’ve put on outdoor events since 2009 and will never say “go” again without having a top notch weather policy and procedure in place to ensure our event attendees have a positive and safe experience on my watch.